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Webinar Quotes

“Gmail and Yahoo have recently released new guidelines, indicating that they will be upping their fight against spam - which is obviously a very good thing. But with that, they're making much stricter rules than has ever been the case before for email marketing”

- Clara Flaherty

"Email is a great way to connect and engage with your audience, as well as nurture relationships. However, if you fail to create targeted outreach programs that cater to your ideal client profile, you won't see any growth in your pipeline or closed business." 

- Steve Bonadio

“Collaborate closely with your legal department to make sure you’re aligned with the regulations like GDPR -  it's also important to invest in tools to keep compliant.” 

- Gemma Fiorentino

"Marketing teams often rely on attribution tools that suggest a direct path from ad views to customer purchases, but the reality is that conversion is often not a clear and direct line." 

- Blythe Brumleve

“It's important to pick the right marketing and PR agency that aligns to your core values, that aligns to what you're trying to do, that is a true strategic partner in every sense of the word.” - 

                    - Steve Bonadio

“There is much confusion among some C-suite executives who mistakenly think investing in marketing automation or AI tools will magically solve all their problems. They will not." - Blythe Brumleve

"A documented conversation with your content agencies about your views and values is essential. You want to ensure that the produced content aligns with your values and that nothing that goes against what you stand for is being released"

- Clara Flaherty

“We are humans, after all. We want to meet people in person. Maybe we'll do fewer in the future, but I think events are always gonna be part of a B2B marketing portfolio.”

 -Steve Bonadio

"You don't have to spend a lot of money or overthink your campaigns. A-B test and always be experimental."

-Steve Bonadio

"What keeps coming up in industry conversation is AI. Now AI is not a be-all and end-all, only a tool to get to the destination a little faster.”

-Blythe Brumleve

"Definitely test and try new tactics and techniques. But if you have something that already works, Lean into it.”

-Clara Flaherty

“In-person events are still good channels to create connections and increase brand visibility" -Gemma Fiorentino

"It's critical to continue investing in building brand visibility to stand out from the competition.”   - Gemma Fiorentino

"There's a massive credibility gap. Some major publications are trying to cut corners by replacing journalists with chatbots, which is eroding their credibility. AI cannot replace human beings."

-Steve Bonadio

"In-person events play a significant role in generating pipeline, but require a great team and efforts to maximize investments

-Steve Bonadio

"It's crucial to remember the importance of the human element in our work. Collaboration and personal interaction are the keys to success in public relations."

-Gemma Fiorentino



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