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  • Soumya Nair

Why Are Supply Chain Trade Events Important?

"An event is only over when everyone stops talking about it!" -- Mason Cooley

Supply chains are networks of processes, people, organizations, resources, activities, and technologies involved in creating and delivering products. These complex networks can include hundreds or thousands of people from a product's origin at the factory to your doorstep and can not thrive in silos.

why you should attend supply chain events?

It takes a village of subject matter experts (SMEs) to keep everyone engaged in best practices. And where do these SMEs go to keep up with the latest and greatest? Trade events.

Top reasons why industry events play an essential role in supply chains:

1. Networking

Supply chain experts constitute a diverse population of the vast business area, from vendors, suppliers, transportation companies, technology providers, and solution providers to various other supply chain professionals. Events are ideal for meeting all these and networking that can enable valuable job contacts or potential customers. Your presence in these supply chain conferences or events increases your brand image and presents your company as a leading organization within the industry. There will be no end to the limitless opportunities you will get to meet different people, and it's here that you should communicate and build contacts that will help in business development.

2. Industry insights

Events are where the top industry leaders gather to talk and share their knowledge about the latest trends in the industry. You will find specific industry knowledge and access to exciting cases, company-related changes, market fluctuations, forecasts, etc. The educational value you gain by attending these conferences is incredible.

3. Exposure to the latest technology, product, and services

Logistics professionals embrace technology, from automation to cloud computing, SaaS, IoT, and more. Many companies have booths where they provide demos of their products/services. Events provide you with a plethora of information about your company so that you can decide what will suit your company.

4. Professional growth

Events are places to meet industry leaders, gain valuable insights, and boost your knowledge. The next step is how you use that knowledge in your organization and enhance the productivity of the company, in turn increasing your professional growth. It depends on how you bring back the knowledge from the event and transform it into a strategy. Events are the best way to network with professionals in your field, exchange knowledge, and learn from each other.

5. Inspiration

Attending conferences and seminars will expose you to top-tier companies and many of their success stories. Many keynote speakers will share their keys to success, and it's a great way to learn and motivate oneself to strive for more. This is also where the latest industry trends are showcased, and you will gain new ideas and find solutions to business challenges.

6. Certification courses and new skills

Many conferences offer low-cost certification or training courses on the latest topics. If you're looking to learn, these events are the places to be.

7. Meet industry leaders

Another significant benefit of attending a conference is meeting the top industry leaders and many of the people you follow in the industry. You can listen to them present and meet up to chat or gain additional knowledge.

8. Relax and have fun

Besides the considerable knowledge about the latest industry insights, attending conferences can be fun, especially those that include recreational activities or have exotic venues for attendees. Go out, network, learn, and have fun!


Attending supply chain trade events is a great way to meet new prospects and create new opportunities. They are also a great way to move away from the monotony of the office (or home office) and have some fun! Professionally it helps you grow, and you can also extend it at your workplace by sharing those experiences within your organization. Attending conferences can be a good break as it lets you travel to a new place, meet and see new people, enjoy the local cuisine, and experience their culture. Overall the advantages of attending conferences are many, and we highly recommend that you take advantage of those opportunities. This holds good, especially after being restrained to one place during the pandemic, which made us realize the importance of socializing and meeting people.

Frequently asked questions

What supply chain events are happening in 2023?

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Can I attend these events virtually?

Post-pandemic, especially in 2023, most of the events will be held in person. However, some events are held virtually or in hybrid format. All the information can usually be found on the event website.

Are trade events beneficial for someone new to the supply chain?

Supply chain events are for everyone, those new to the industry and those who have mastered it. Attending a supply chain event is one of the best ways to learn about the industry as they feature topics and speakers that cannot be found anywhere else.



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