• Soumya Nair

Outsourcing Dates Back To The Roman Empire.

Updated: 6 days ago


Although outsourcing as a concept dates as far back as the Roman Empire, when the SPQR outsourced grain and agricultural production while focusing on urban development and public works, strategic outsourcing only began in the ‘90s.

The main aim was not to only reduce costs but to hire experts in the field, which would complement the existing and future capabilities of the business.

In the early 2000s, however, this evolved into transformational outsourcing when on top of their expertise, the service providers were expected to find new ideas, generate innovations, and improve productivity, which has become the model of a successful business structure.

Since Marketing and PR are two vital aspects of a company's failure or success and, well, a noticeable part of the annual spending, working with creative and innovative providers who can deliver faster results can make or break a company.

Furthermore, outsourcing can also help organizations leverage outside opportunities brought about by the service provider that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

While property developers talk about locations, marketing and PR talk about connections. —Growing a business is possible when you know whom to talk to.

OUTSOURCING —this easily can be the best strategic move you have ever made to boost your business.

P.S.: Outsourcing vital functions to industry experts can be decidedly less expensive than hiring an in-house team.