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  • Soumya Nair

Content Marketing is a Commitment, NOT a Campaign!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Great content is your long-term investment and the best sales rep in the world.

The history of content marketing dates back to 1895 when John Deere realized the need for and benefits of continuous engagement of its clients and prospects. “The Furrow,” the first magazine, told stories that people enjoyed reading and provided them with the knowledge they could apply in their operations.

It may not be a surprise today, but that marketing tactic took a leap of faith at a time when consumer relationships were based more on face-to-face interactions.

In our digital world, where customers may be located worldwide, chances are high that physical meetings between businesses and their clients may not ever happen, so reaching the target audience via content marketing makes even more sense.

Although the world of business has changed tremendously since the first edition of The Furrow, the goal of content marketing remained — to tell stories that people enjoy reading and provide them with the knowledge they could apply in their operations.

If you require success before commitment, you will have neither.

Content marketing isn’t about a quick turnaround or overnight success. Much like any human relationship, be it a friendship or marriage, it only works if you keep putting time and energy into building and nurturing. Then it yields trust, a stronger bond, and financial prosperity.

For businesses, the ROI on content marketing may not be immediate, but over time, it can indeed be measured in the terms of

  1. Lead generation

  2. Sales

  3. Customer satisfaction

“Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.” If you are willing to take up this responsibility, check out our post on why you should consider content marketing for your business.

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