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Introducing the first zero-waste alternative to single-use polybag mailers

5 Feb 2024

Having mastered the reusable shipping box for e-commerce, a California based company is now solving the high piling problem of single-use poly mailers

Petaluma, CA: This month, Boox, an award winning BCorpTM that offers zero-waste shippers as a service, is introducing to the e-commerce market a reusable alternative to single-use polybag mailers called the Boox Bag. These reusable bags are designed to be used for many shipments, significantly reducing landfill waste.

About their new product offering, Boox CEO Matt Semmelhack said, “When you ship your products in a single-use poly mailer, it creates landfill waste after just one trip. Which is why, as a mission-driven company, we’re excited to get this product to market. Using our Boox Bags not only keeps polybags out of the landfill, it sends a message of sustainability with every shipment and helps build brand loyalty. Making the switch will help you, your customers and the planet. “

How reusable Boox Bags are different from single-use polybags:

● Boox Bags are made using 75% post consumer recycled resin

● Boox Bags are designed to be reusable for many shipments before being recycled back into more Boox Bags – creating a closed material loop

● Boox Bags can be put right in a consumer’s home mailbox (or any USPS mailbox) – instead of the trash bin – for its free return trip to Boox where it’s refreshed and sent back out to be used again = no more consumer guilt

● Boox Bags enable you to stop sending your customers trash About Boox:

Boox is the global leader in reusable e-commerce packaging. As a mission-driven BCorpTM focused on eliminating single-use waste, Boox enables the circular economy for e-com brands and consumers by combining innovative, award-winning reusable packaging, with a network of turnkey reverse logistics services. Boox’s beautiful and customizable shipping boxes and bags can be reused many times before being recycled back into more shippers at end of life – and all for the same price as single-use mailers.

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