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Sales Representative
Immediate Joining
To apply, please kindly share your updated resume and connect with us at



  1. Proven Sales Track Record: Should have a successful track record in sales, preferably in the supply chain industry. Experience in PR and marketing within this industry is preferred, must be able to showcase the ability to close deals and achieve targets.

  2. Communication Skills: Should possess strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively engage with clients, build rapport, and present the firm's PR and marketing solutions.

  3. Marketing and PR Knowledge: Must have in-depth knowledge of marketing and public relations concepts to help effectively communicate the firm's offerings to potential clients.

  4. Negotiation Skills: Negotiating contracts and client agreements requires adept negotiation skills to secure mutually beneficial deals.

  5. Go-Getter Attitude: Be proactive and ambitious to achieve and exceed sales targets.

  6. Team Player: Ability to collaborate with the firm's marketing and PR teams to develop tailored proposals.



  1. Prospecting and Lead Generation: The candidate must actively seek potential clients and identify new business opportunities through research, networking, and outreach.

  2. Building Client Relationships: The candidate must establish and nurture strong relationships with clients to understand their needs and effectively communicate the firm's PR and marketing solutions.

  3. Presenting and Pitching: The candidate must be able to present the firm's services to potential clients through tailored proposals, pitches, and presentations to showcase the value of the PR and marketing offerings.

  4. Sales Negotiation: The candidate should be able to negotiate contracts and pricing with clients to reach mutually beneficial agreements while ensuring the firm's profitability.

  5. Market and Industry Awareness: To adapt sales strategies accordingly, the candidate must stay informed about industry trends, market developments, and competitors.

  6. Collaboration with Teams: The candidate should be able to collaborate with the marketing and PR teams to align client requirements with the firm's offerings and deliver exceptional services.

  7. Client Management: The candidate must possess skills to manage client relationships post-sale, ensuring client satisfaction and addressing concerns or issues.

  8. Reporting and Documentation: The candidate must keep accurate records of sales activities, client interactions, and sales progress for reporting and analysis.

  9. Continuous Learning: The candidate should stay updated with the latest trends, developments, and innovations in PR and marketing to effectively position the firm's offerings in the market.

  10. Representing the Firm: The candidate should be able to serve as a brand ambassador for the PR and marketing firm, embodying its values and professionalism in all client interactions.

Overall, a sales rep in PR and marketing plays a pivotal role in driving new business opportunities, building client relationships, and contributing to the growth and success of the firm through effective sales strategies and exceptional client service.

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