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Vizion Announces Global Trade Intelligence Solutions in Collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet

5 Feb 2024

Vizion, a leading provider in supply chain visibility solutions, today announced the launch of TradeView in collaboration with business intelligence provider Dun & Bradstreet. By leveraging Dun & Bradstreet’s industry-leading business information, risk, and supply chain data and Vizion’s vessel intelligence and performance metrics solutions, the TradeView SaaS platform will provide live monitoring of over $7.5 trillion in goods powered by 130+ data sources covering over 60% of container shipments from origin. 

The platform will enable customers to evaluate performance, risk, and shipment history for 500M suppliers and logistics providers. TradeView will offer customers the ability to identify up-to-date regulatory compliance and ESG concerns within value chains of products and companies, monitor the live flow of any company’s shipments 30-90 days before arrival at destination, and analyze trends across 10 years of historical supplier, product, and transportation data. 

In a volatile period for global logistics, TradeView aims to provide users with a real-time source of visibility, resilience, and disruption monitoring. On this foundation, shippers can build the operational resilience required to succeed in an increasingly dynamic transportation landscape. 

TradeView is designed to be leveraged across a vast range of sectors both within and outside of the $7 trillion global transportation industry, including: 

● Port and Terminal Operators 

● Carriers & 3PLs 

● Global 4PLs & LSPS 

● Drayage Providers 

● Railroads 

● Container Lessors 

● Capital Markets & Commodity Trading 

● Retail & CPG 

● Insurance 

● Raw Goods Producers 

● Financial Technology 

● Government & Public Sector

Whether a retailer is looking to reinvest in ESG monitoring or a financial institution is hoping to better understand the value of goods transiting a specific trade lane, TradeView offers unparalleled transparency into all aspects of the global supply chain. By leveraging innovative analytics strategies from Dun & Bradstreet alongside Vizion’s industry-leading visibility technology, TradeView offers all supply chain stakeholders the chance to bolster efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness across a vast expanse of industry verticals. 

“Supply chain visibility expectations have expanded beyond simple inventory and shipment tracking,” says Kyle Henderson, CEO of Vizion. “Our industry needs ESG transparency mapped across supplier networks and product value chains. TradeView breaks new ground in addressing these needs through unprecedented live monitoring and access to novel datasets. Vizion, in collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet, is excited to bring a truly differentiated solution to market, and it is named TradeView.” 


At Vizion, we replace manual, error-prone approaches to container tracking with a fully-integrated API. Our industry-leading API leverages the most complete, standardized data available to push accurate location updates and ETAs for both ocean and rail containers to your ERP, TMS, or other software system. Since 2018, Vizion has utilized industry-leading analytics to provide shippers with key insights into supply chain performance, including vessel, carrier, port, and trade lane performance metrics. Vizion’s data is the most complete and reliable available, including EDI, AIS, port/terminal events, and more. With our instant-on API, shippers can leverage fully standardized data for fast, confident decision-making. 


Since its founding in 1841, Dun & Bradstreet has established itself as one of the leading providers of data-driven insights for forward-thinking businesses. With extensive offerings in risk management, data analytics, financial management, and sales & marketing, Dun & Bradstreet provides today’s business leaders with the peerless intelligence needed to remain competitive in a dynamic business landscape. With the addition of D&B ESG Intelligence, Dun & Bradstreet is leveraging nearly two centuries of innovation experience to offer shippers unparalleled access to the ESG insights needed to maintain regulatory compliance and sustainability in a rapidly changing global business environment.


Contact Information: 

Vizion Inc. 

3445 Greer Rd 

Palo Alto CA USA 94303 

Visit Vizion on social media: LinkedIn

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