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5 Feb 2024

Venture 53 announces three new investments this month.  And, we are still assessing future investments. “As a pure play fund focused on supply chain tech, we are always looking at what is new in the early-stage space.  We find industry changing companies and then we invest time and money into making them successful,” said Amy Mack, Operating and Marketing Partner.  “We are special because we have purposely built an LP network of industry leaders who can share insight and connections.”

Venture 53 adds Optym, GenLogs and HEALE Labs to their portfolio of 21 companies covering 5 carefully curated verticals – Supply Chain Management, Freight Tech, Last Mile, Warehouse Tech and Autonomous, EV & Robotic.

Meet the new Investments in the Venture 53 Family 

Optym is a trailblazer in optimization solutions for the transportation industry. Optym’s solutions have served railroads, airlines, and less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) carriers by providing key optimization solutions to improve operational efficiency. To date, Optym has saved its clients over one billion dollars and counting. Optym currently optimizes more than one hundred thousand routes each month and makes over thirty thousand drivers more efficient. 

“As we sit in the trough of a freight market, there’s never been a better time for transportation companies to reconsider how they run their operations,” Optym CEO & Founder Ravi Ahuja said. “Venture 53, whose strategic vision aligns with our own commitment to innovation, sees that opportunity to bring optimization to transportation and will help Optym continue to deliver exceptional value to our clients and beyond.”

GenLogs is a developer of a transportation and supply chain visibility platform applying low-cost artificial intelligence to existing traffic cameras and strategically placed roadside sensors to extract data verified by video to track all traffic, trucks, and trailers. Ryan Joyce, CEO of GenLogs, shared this success story of searching the data in just seconds.  

“GenLogs recently launched a beta version of their software, allowing users to search on real world, real-time truck data to discover new carrier capacity, freight trends, and missing equipment. The capability was recently tested when a customer and a state police unit approached GenLogs asking for help in searching for a stolen trailer of pharmaceuticals. GenLogs was able to search across 500,000 trucks on the road to help find the trailer. This represents the first and only capability to find real-time trusted capacity across all 4 million trucks on the roads -- all with data that is verified by video, in real time.  Data you can trust.” 

HEALE Labs, co-founded by Todd Haselhorst and Omer Khan, is building the first open-architecture logistics network that rewards all parties for participation.  Rewards will come in the form of tokens as they launch their new crypto currency.  Everything that is created is owned and operated by the logistics companies that use it.  Companies will connect to a more secure network that reduces fraud, theft and waste.

Visit to access additional information about these companies and other companies in our portfolio or to pitch us.


Venture 53 brings much needed insider and outsider expertise to truly solve the plaguing issues of America’s supply chain.  Looking to solve the inefficiencies in supply chain, Venture 53 is specializing only in technology companies that bring solutions to the near $1T supply chain and logistics industry. The company is off to a fast start with three funds along with heavyweight investment partners from the industry. Founders Pat Martin and Dan White have been part of many acquisitions and exits across the sector.

Venture 53 is based in Atlanta, GA and Richmond, VA.  Venture 53 is a pure play logistics and transportation venture capital fund.  We don’t get distracted by anything else.  We find promising industry-changing companies.  Then, we work with their founders to move them from promising to proven, resulting in better paths to profit and improved valuations.  We do all of this with speed to be on the front end of industry change.  For more information, visit and follow Venture 53 on Linkedin.

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