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Surgere Continues to Innovate With the Highest Performing RFID Dock Door Solution in the Industry

6 Feb 2024

Working with RF Controls, an industry-leading hardware supplier, Surgere is bringing to market  a new RFID dock door solution with 99.99% acquisition and read accuracy.  

GREEN, Ohio—Surgere, a leader in advanced supply chain management solutions based in  Green, Ohio, introduced at Manifest 2024 the most innovative RFID dock door system in the  industry, powered by RF Controls

Supply chains are becoming more complex with each passing year, and the demand for  hardware that can track assets at each step of the process is greater than ever before.  Everyone involved, from warehouse managers to sustainability teams, wants the accuracy  and certainty that Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provide. 

Surgere understood that current hardware lacked essential characteristics. With this in mind,  Surgere approached RF Controls to develop new hardware that can provide increased  accuracy and real-time data that its clients demand for a smaller footprint and lower total  installed costs. 

With greater performance at a lower total installed cost than other dock door solutions in the  market, Surgere’s new solution is ideal for increasing accuracy at dock doors, the most critical transaction point in every supply chain where asset tracking is required for visibility.  The new RFID dock door solution, exclusive to Surgere, is easier and faster to install than any  other system on the market. It is designed to be lighter weight and requires less infrastructure  as a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) line can power up to three units by daisy-chaining  them, reducing the number of PoE lines by up to two-thirds.  

Additionally, the solution can be installed with templated, repeatable methods directly into  the wall near the top of the dock door or hung from the ceiling, instead of needing to be  installed by drilling into warehouse floors or requiring bollards for equipment protection.  

Prior to expanding its partnership with Surgere, RF Controls, an innovator in its own right,  had focused primarily on providing overhead CS Smart Antennas with electronically steerable  phased arrays that show clients where RFID-tagged items are within inches of their physical  location inside a manufacturing facility, warehouse or other storage facility. The decision to  move into this segment of the market was driven by Surgere and RF Controls’ confidence in  their ability to create a better RFID dock door system than all others currently on the market.

“This revolutionary hardware allows Surgere to engineer and deploy supply chain solutions  with even more speed and efficiency,” said Bill Wappler, Surgere’s CEO. “Our engineering  process is the first step to deciding which hardware will be used, and adding this  sophisticated new product offering is an extremely exciting development.” 

In addition to saving space by eliminating any floor footprint, Surgere’s RFID dock door  systems improve operational efficiency because there is no need to redesign workflows  around hardware installed into the floor. 

“When Surgere approached us and asked us to build an industry-changing solution, we gladly  took on the challenge,” said Tom Ellinwood, president and CEO of RF Controls. “We look  forward to extending this partnership well into the future.” 

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Surgere, a leading technology company specializing in sensor-based science, provides never before-seen accuracy and visibility throughout the supply chain. Surgere’s patented technology  and proprietary software empowers the world’s leading brands with unparalleled end-to-end  supply chain analytics, high-fidelity data and sensor-based solutions. Headquartered in Green,  Ohio, with offices in Mexico, Surgere delivers solutions that bring together multiple forms of  sensor-based science to “see” inventory with an unmatched 99.99% accuracy, thereby mapping  the entire supply chain and identifying weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in real  time. Visit us at For more information, contact Michael Schwabe at 

RF Controls is headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, and its products are made in America. The  company is enabling a link between the physical and the digital world through its overhead  Passive RFID RTLS solution. Its award-winning CS Smart Antenna is part of the foundation for a  connected future where logistics, manufacturing and retail are transformed into continuous,  hands-free, location-captured data of every item and asset. Visit us at For  more information, contact Adrian Turchet at

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