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Surgere Adds Cutting-Edge AI Technology to Its Interius Platform

6 Feb 2024

GREEN, Ohio—Surgere, a leader in advanced supply chain management solutions based in  Green, Ohio, announced today at Manifest 2024 it is bringing the power of artificial  intelligence (AI) to its industry-leading Interius supply chain management software to help  users find information easily and efficiently. 

Surgere developed this AI capability to help its end users leverage the vast amount of data  Interius collects with every supply chain transaction. While Interius provides essential  business insights, the amount of information it collects can be overwhelming in some  circumstances. The AI built on top of that large volume of data provides clients with  forecasted trends, proactive answers to their most common questions, and directs  operations with the goal of simplifying decision making for each clients’ supply chain. It is a  logical extension of the vital service Interius already provides. 

Interius is a 100% cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides always-on access to  supply chain metrics, reports and insights that provide real-time information and alerts for  exactly the intelligence necessary for supply chain professionals to make data-driven  decisions. 

With the introduction of AI into its platform, Surgere is using this powerful tool to provide  customers with enhanced visibility and directed activity and operations in their daily supply  chain management. Among its features and benefits are: 

• A one-click dashboard that provides answers to the most common questions each  user has about their supply chain data. This is available through an easy-to-use  dashboard as well as natural language processing (NLP). 

• A machine-learning model that takes advantage of customer actions to present  relevant data in an easy-to-understand fashion. 

• It addresses common warehouse logistics challenges with shipping lane assignments  and stop-ships, making real-time adjustments based on customer-configurable rules  and patterns. 

• It produces automatic notifications and alerts on any device so users know when to  act and get ahead of everyday slowdowns and disruptions to manufacturing and  shipping – further increasing Interius’s end-to-end visibility. 

• Increases end-to-end visibility and speed of decision-making, allowing managers to  make better, more informed decisions. 

• Real-time heartbeat connectivity monitoring of installed hardware with proactive  ticket creation to alert Surgere and client contacts of any system downtime.

• An embedded chatbot support and knowledge base that can support multiple  languages. 

“We created a model that analyzes specific client data to build reports and insights that  customers can access using their natural, everyday language,” said Thomas Strain, Surgere’s  vice president of technology, whose team oversaw the tool’s development. “In addition to  adapting over time to become even smarter, clients can take advantage of the enhanced  intelligence and directed operations from day one because of our deep expertise in  manufacturing environments.” 

The goal of adding AI to Interius’s powerful data visualization and reporting capabilities is to  make it easier for clients to find information. Anywhere that the AI functionality is available  within Interius, an icon will indicate that the AI data or reporting is available, which will save  clients time and make access to their data easier. Over time, the AI will learn and adapt what  questions the client is asking, and the dashboards they rely on for supply chain intelligence  will update to provide information quickly and efficiently. 

“We want our clients to get the information they need to make data-based business  decisions,” Strain said. “Anything that makes that easier is something we are interested in  doing.” 

Clients will have access to the AI tool at every level of the Interius experience. For example, it  will allow managers to forecast production needs based on how many assets they have  within their facility or on the way to it. Easy-to-understand visual reports provide users the  ability to track their operations and anticipate potential problems before they happen. The  new AI tool set will gather information from across users’ supply chains and provide one-click  accessibility. 

“The Interius AI platform will continue to evolve, learn and improve based on how clients  actually use it, providing a personalized experience that powers daily supply chain  intelligence,” Strain says. Strain’s team built Surgere’s AI tool using Microsoft® technology,  including Fabric, and Power BI. Surgere has the distinction of being one of only 26 supply  chain technology partners with whom Microsoft works. 

For a demonstration of the power of Surgere’s new AI, visit to request a demo. Surgere, a leading technology company specializing in sensor-based science, provides never before-seen accuracy and visibility throughout the supply chain. Surgere’s patented technology  and proprietary software empowers the world’s leading brands with unparalleled end-to-end  supply chain analytics, high-fidelity data and sensor-based solutions. Headquartered in Green,  Ohio, with offices in Mexico, Surgere delivers solutions that bring together multiple forms of  sensor-based science to ‘see’ assets with an unmatched 99.9% accuracy, thereby mapping the  entire supply chain and identifying weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in real time.  Visit us at

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