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5 Feb 2024

Highly tailorable operations system empowers manufacturers and value-added distributors to serve customers and reduce write-offs.

ATLANTA, GA. (February 3, 2024) PorterLogic, the leading supply chain tech stack, is thrilled to announce the launch  of its procurement management functionality. The new templates empower manufacturers and value-added  distributors to optimize their operations, streamline supply planning and achieve waste reduction goals.

PorterLogic's new procurement management templates enable companies to define their own boundaries by tailoring workflows precisely to their unique challenges and operational nuances. Within one week of going live, businesses start seeing a reduction in waste in both materials and operations. 

After launch, the business can continuously and iteratively refine and enhance the workflows. These efforts lead to improved demand planning, more efficient purchase order (PO) management and enhanced vendor relationships, ultimately resulting in reduced waste and increased throughput in their warehouses.

“With PorterLogic, you tailor the workflows to fit your needs better than other systems can. This helps you order the  right amount of product, at the right time, every time,” said PorterLogic Founder and CEO Jonathan Porter.  “PorterLogic’s modular and composable structure allows us to launch a tailored system within weeks and doesn’t  require organizations to rip out what they already have.” 

Using the procurement management templates, users can:  

• Automate purchasing processes by generating POs based on forecasts, lead times and thresholds for products at  risk of stockouts or delays. 

• Efficiently manage vendor relationships by centralizing information and automating requests, providing visibility  to vendors through a portal and holding vendors accountable for on-time and accurate shipments through  scorecards.

• Improve planning accuracy with a comprehensive view of the supply position, including expiring inventory and  spoilage. 

This release comes on the heels of PorterLogic’s ongoing collaboration with Thistle, a manufacturer that prepares and  delivers fresh, fully prepared plant-forward meals, juices and snacks. PorterLogic designed and launched Thistle's  customized warehouse management and procurement functions. Within the first two months, Thistle identified $500k  in annual savings resulting from eliminating wasted inventory. 

To learn more about how PorterLogic’s supply chain tech stack can help you reduce waste in your warehouse, visit us  online or contact us today

About PorterLogic 

PorterLogic fixes what your ERP broke in your supply chain. Purpose-built for supply chain operators, the tech stack  works with your existing systems to remove the workarounds and manual effort involved in running your operation — from warehousing and inventory to procurement, planning and more. We help distributors and manufacturers who have  complex business models build intuitive user screens, connect systems and automate workflows across their supply  chain. As a standalone solution or a bolt-on, PorterLogic’s composable building blocks enable you to adapt quickly, build  on what works and remove what doesn't without huge disruptions to your operation. Follow us on LinkedIn and visit to learn more. 

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