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Kodif Announces Strategic Partnership with Nom Nom, a division of Mars

5 Feb 2024

Kodif, a leading provider of CX automation solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Nom Nom, a division of Mars. In the initial phase of the partnership, Kodif successfully implemented a self-service solution that automated 15% of Nom Nom's customer support tickets. Notably, this automation garnered no negative feedback from Nom Nom's customers. In addition, the impact on agent morale has been remarkable, freeing them from repetitive tasks and enabling them to deliver exceptional customer service to those who truly need assistance.

The positive effects of the self-service implementation were felt not only in agent morale but also in reducing churn rates and associated onboarding costs. Looking ahead, Kodif and Nom Nom are in the process of implementing the AI Agent Copilot, a solution designed to streamline onboarding and training processes, bridging the gap between junior and senior specialists.

A game-changer for the entire business has been the integration of CX Analytics, a feature that identifies trends in customer journeys and provides real-time data on missing deliveries with pinpoint accuracy down to zip codes. This empowers Nom Nom's CX team, placing them at the decision-making table, armed with valuable real-time customer data.

Looking forward, Kodif and Nom Nom aim to further elevate their partnership by targeting a 25% automation rate for all tickets. The development of the AI Agent Copilot, along with additional self-serve solutions, will play a crucial role in achieving this ambitious goal. 

"Kodif is not just a vendor, it's a partner. The Kodif team has the knowledge and capacity to guide your decision and help you build what you are looking for". - Michael Dang, Head of CustomerExperience, Nom Nom.

“As a leading AI technology provider for customer support it’s exciting to have successfully gained the trust of a major customer like Nom Nom and Mars. We’re looking forward to working with more ecommerce leaders who want to be at the forefront of self service and copilot technology .” - Mike Zayonc, Cofounder of Kodif

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