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FlavorCloud to Unveil Revolutionary B2B cross border solution

5 Feb 2024

Ecommerce-like end-to-end automation for a historically manual industry.

SEATTLE, WA - FEBRUARY 2024 — FlavorCloud, an innovator in the cross-border logistics and Trade Compliance industry, is excited to announce the launch of its comprehensive B2B offering at the upcoming Manifest: The Future of Supply Chain & Logistics Exhibition. In a post-covid era businesses seek more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective management of their international supply chains, more nimble omni-channel and wholesale needs. FlavorCloud is poised to transform the landscape with its dynamic platform, services and Global Network that

now supports freight in addition to parcels.

This platform is set to disrupt the offline processes of an industry powered by manual process from rate quotes, understanding landed costs, to picking carriers for transportation segments across each of the first mile, global mile and last mile providers, manual brokerage and trade compliance paperwork, product classification and dealing directly with customs on export and import clearances. FlavorCloud’s CEO Rathna Sharad says, “Transforming a B2B supply chain issue that is complex, error-prone, expensive, with labor intensive processes, as well as long transit times with no visibility is key. FlavorCloud delivers an e-commerce like dynamic, real-time, efficient, cost-effective, and compliant freight shipments for these wholesale shipping needs around the world with huge multi-skew orders. Retailers cannot afford delays in customs, extraneous fees, lack of visibility or unreliable shipping partners in a world where nimble, real-time inventory management is of the essence.

FlavorCloud leverages AI-based automation across the journey from pickup to delivery at the consignee’s door.”

Key Highlights of this solution include:

Streamlined Integration: FlavorCloud offers seamless API integration with existing warehouse partners and tech stacks, enabling businesses to adopt and scale solutions with minimal disruption.

Easy Global Compliance: With an emphasis on simplifying the complexities of cross-border transactions, FlavorCloud ensures compliance with international regulations, mitigating risks, and reducing administrative burdens without the need for a brokerage quoting process.

Cost Reduction: Leveraging network effects and proprietary algorithms, FlavorCloud's platform is designed to reduce shipping costs and improve margins for B2B clients with the largest Freight Air Carrier Network in the business. The process for carrier selection is streamlined by the rate negotiations and relationships built into this network.

Advanced Analytics: Utilizing the power of AI, FlavorCloud provides actionable insights, allowing businesses to optimize their supply chain strategies in real-time.

One-Stop Shop: FlavorCloud is the only solution in the industry that is truly a one-stop shop for your global shipping and compliance needs. From Direct to Consumer (DTC) to B2B wholesale, it’s a single, powerful platform for all your international shipping and compliance needs, anywhere to anywhere.

FlavorCloud invites attendees of the Manifest exhibition to visit booth number 513 for a live demonstration of their B2B platform and to engage with their team of experts who will be available to discuss the specific needs of businesses looking for innovative supply chain solutions.

About FlavorCloud:

FlavorCloud is an end-to-end cross-border logistics platform for high-volume shippers, enterprise retailers, 3PL warehouse partners and marketplaces. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, FlavorCloud makes international shipping and returns easy, affordable, and friction-free, enabling brands and 3PLs (Third Party Logistics Providers) to go global in any part of the world. FlavorCloud's algorithm and technology auto-optimizes the best rates and services for all their B2C and B2B needs through the largest global cross-border network as well as automating the complex world of global trade and regulatory compliance.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact

Katherine Lehman, Head of Marketing at FlavorCloud,


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