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Fillogic to Offer Fully Recyclable, Reusable Packaging for Retail Ecosystems

5 Feb 2024

New York, February 5, 2024 - Today channel-free logistics leader Fillogic announces it will offer 100% recyclable, reusable mono-material polypropylene packaging for customer shipments. The material is provided by Renegade Plastics® and made by reusable packaging provider Returnity.

The packaging is the latest version of Returnity’s Last Box, a reusable shipping box that replaces standard corrugated cardboard, comfortably holds 50+ lbs and typically lasts 40 - 50 shipping cycles. 

According to Returnity’s analysis, US retailers use over one billion cardboard boxes a year to move products between factories, distribution centers and stores. The Last Box revolutionizes business-to-business shipping and internal operations, allowing retailers and brands to save money, improve operational efficiency and lower the environmental impact of their packaging. 

By using the Last Box, Fillogic customers can better ensure all boxes are properly retired and recycled at end-of-life, because polypropylene is commonly and efficiently processed in commercial recycling facilities around the world. No demanufacturing or specialized processing is necessary. 

“By switching to these recyclable boxes with Renegade Plastics and Returnity, we encourage reuse and recycling, helping our customers to be even more proactive in their sustainability efforts,” says Fillogic Founder & CEO, Bill Thayer

“We are thrilled to have Fillogic be first to market with our innovative new reusable and recyclable boxes. Their expertise building efficient logistics systems for retailers and brands makes them the perfect partner,” says Returnity CEO, Mike Newman

To learn more about Fillogic and channel-free logistics, please visit

About Fillogic

Founded in 2018, NYC-based Fillogic is a channel-free, local market logistics provider that converts under-utilized retail space in shopping malls into middle-mile fulfillment and reverse logistics hubs. Fillogic provides retailers and brands a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable middle-mile logistics platform that enables partners to optimize existing stores, people and inventory. Customers improve service and reduce costs by up to 60%, increase full-price sales by 180%, improve return-to-stock by up to 70% and reduce return fraud to less than 1%. Fillogic customers use 5X less warehousing space, saving 80% on warehousing emissions and 20% on transport emissions. For more information, please visit, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Returnity

Founded in 2017 and based in Brooklyn, Returnity designs, manufactures and implements reusable packaging and circular logistics systems and is now being used for over 1 million shipments and deliveries a month. Returnity won the 2021 Beyond the Bag Challenge, the 2019 National Geographic Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge and was highlighted in the DHL 2019 and 2020 Trend Research Reports.   

About Renegade Plastics®

Renegade Plastics provides recyclable coated fabric solutions that are free from phthalates, dioxins, PFAS, VOCs and heavy metals for numerous industries from logistics and upholstery to tents and sports equipment. Renegade’s sustainable solutions improve the environment with their lower carbon footprint and by establishing a circular economy for coated textiles. Renegade won the 2022 CleanTech Open, and has been recognized by the World Economic Forum and the textile industry as a pioneer in textile sustainability.


Media Contact:

Amanda Bell

Director of PR

XRC Ventures

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