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5 Feb 2024

NEW YORK, NY—DutchX, the industry leader in sustainable, tech-enabled, same-day and next-day delivery solutions, has announced plans to pioneer an exciting and revolutionary new development in the last mile delivery frontier. Starting this year, the company will pilot in NY/NJ the first-ever direct waterway-to-electric-cargo-bike deliveries to consumers in the United States, dramatically reducing the use of trucks for middle and last mile deliveries, traffic and congestion, and the negative impact of CO2 emissions.


Known as a trailblazing force in the industry for providing sustainable and technology forward delivery solutions for household names like Amazon, Wholefoods, Club Monaco, Farfetch, Eataly, and more, DutchX maintains the largest delivery electric cargo bike fleet in the country, effectively removing over one million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Not only does DutchX provide sustainable delivery modes for its clients, but the company also meets the customer desire for faster, more economical and efficient same-day and next-day delivery options. Additionally, DutchX’s procedures offer live tracking from the warehouse to final delivery, as well as relieve customers from tackling returns by picking up packages directly from their doorstep and taking it back to the warehouse to complete the returns process on their behalf.

The pilot for the Blue Highways will be transformative in the global effort to remove trucks from congested city streets. Given that New York City has more linear feet of shoreline than any other city in the world, it serves as an ideal place to launch this initiative and make last mile deliveries more sustainable. The process begins at warehouses outside of NYC, where packages containing retail, convenience, home goods and other assorted products will be picked up and pre-sorted into “eQuads,” which are four-wheeled electric cargo bikes containing microcontainers for package transport. The eQuads are brought to Manhattan by ferry and met by DutchX electric cargo bike drivers (“E-bikers”), who deliver the packages directly to the customers. Once the E-bikers finish their routes, they return to the port to drop off their empty eQuads and the process repeats.

Further cementing their ongoing commitment towards a more sustainable future, the project brings disruptive remedies to the present-day delivery model. Currently, over 2 million packages are delivered daily in NYC. By leveraging ferries and electric cargo bikes, DutchX aims to replace a substantial number of trucks, contributing to a greener and more efficient delivery ecosystem in the city.

“We are thrilled to be pioneering this groundbreaking delivery model to change the future of last mile deliveries,” says Marcus Hoed, Co-Founder of DutchX. “With years of industry experience, we are familiar with the challenges that come with last mile deliveries. Shifting deliveries from the roadways to waterways can spark positive change for our clients, our community and the environment.”

Utilizing DutchX’s proprietary software (“Zadar”), that manages its operations and 100% employee-based workforce, DutchX will support this unique delivery cycle to plan, allocate, live track, auto-adjust and analyze the shipping journey and the performance of their delivery associates. This innovation not only signals the next evolution of the company’s delivery capabilities, but also offers higher efficiency to adequately lower the cost per delivery.

“Zadar is a complete end-to-end platform for managing the new era of last mile deliveries and on-the-go employees,” says Ariella Azogui, Co-Founder of DutchX. “Zadar provides one central place to automate and streamline the entire process and will further support our efforts for the blue highway.”

DutchX plans to partner with companies across industry verticals including e-commerce retailers, grocery chains, convenience stores, and food delivery services. In addition to the pilot, DutchX has submitted to the NYCEDC and NYCDOT's Blue Highways RFEI and are a sub-prime on several respondents' proposals for the Downtown Manhattan Heliport RFP. For more information on the upcoming project, check out an inside look here and visit For more information on DutchX, visit


DutchX is an industry leader in sustainable, tech-enabled, urban logistics. Running large-scale operations, DutchX’s client roster includes some of the biggest retailers in the US. Sustainability is at the core of its mission. DutchX owns and maintains the largest delivery e-bike fleet in the country, effectively removing over one million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Together with its proprietary technology and 100% employee-based delivery workforce, DutchX delivers results that set it apart from the rest.

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