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driveMybox unveils Platform Release 3.0, Pioneering a New Era in Logistics Technology

5 Feb 2024

Hamburg, 24 January 2024 – The new year has just begun and German Hamburg- based Log-Tech StartUp driveMybox, a leading drayage platform, proudly announces the launch of Release 3.0, a groundbreaking update that redefines the user experience on the platform entirely. Celebrating its 4th anniversary, driveMybox continues its

commitment to innovation, introducing significant enhancements that set a new standard for efficiency and user-friendly operations within the platform.

Key Features of Release 3.0:

1. Optimized Booking Process: A reengineered, user-friendly booking process ensures swift order placement and seamless post-booking modifications.

2. Revamped User Interface: The platform boasts a redesigned, intuitive interface, promising an enhanced navigation experience for users.

3. Unprecedented Flexibility: Users can now customize individual containers, duplicate them effortlessly, and make booking adjustments at their convenience, complete with instant ad-hoc cost estimates.

4. Seamless Communication: driveMybox introduces an automated communication system, empowering users to manage issues and last-minute changes effortlessly, while providing real-time transport status updates.

"As co-founder of driveMybox, I am excited to introduce Release 3.0, a transformative leap in logistics technology. This update reflects our unwavering commitment to providing users with an enhanced, streamlined experience, setting new industry benchmarks for efficiency and flexibility." – Karim Youssef, CPO and Co-Founder of


The Manifest Supply Chain Trade Show 2024 provides an ideal platform for networking and discussions. Attendees can explore driveMybox's innovative solution as well as its groundbreaking Release 3.0 at exhibition stand K16 in the Innovation Zone. The company's co-founders Karim Youssef and Patrick Jandt will be available for

discussions on potential collaborations, advantages of the platform, and opportunities for cooperation. Additionally, there is chance to hear Patrick Jandt presenting a Demo-Presentation of the Platform at the Innovation Stage on Tuesday, 06th of February.

Hanns-Christian Hanebeck, a local partner will also be supporting the two of them and is looking forward to help introduce the platform to the American market.

You are interested? Then come visit driveMybox at the Manifest 2024!

About driveMybox

driveMybox is a LogTech start-up that connects clients across Europe with the right trucking company at the click of a button, creating endless transport capacity. More than just trucking: driveMybox is anything but a freight exchange. In addition to the transport itself, driveMybox offers direct real-time data exchange via the platform as well as access to the status of processing at the loading points. With the help of innovative approaches and modern technologies, the market is opened up and digitalised, and demand and supply are brought together in a simple and targeted manner.

For more information, visit

Press contact

Lisa Hierzegger, Communication and Marketing

Note: For more information about the Manifest Supply Chain Trade Show 2024, please


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