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5 Feb 2024

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (January 23, 2023) --, a leader in real-time management solutions for logistic facilities, proudly announces a strategic collaboration with Maritime Blue, a leading maritime industry cluster and start-up accelerator focused on sustainability. Through its One Ocean Accelerator program dedicated to foreign companie s entering the US market, Maritime Blue will support engagement of with its wide set of relationships in the sector, including the operators at the Port of Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, and over 120 industry,

research organizations and government partners.'s mission is to revolutionize operations in ports. Its patented technology leverages existing camera infrastructure to draw holistic and valuable operational observations and business information regarding asset location and movement in every step of the operation (gate, yard, warehouses, and vessel operations). Conbo's solution allows terminals, operators and port authorities to optimize their flows and supports flawless, safe, and green operations.

Maritime Blue, along with partners, recently launched the Tacoma Blue Edge Network a private, enterprise scale 5G network with onsite edge compute capabilities over five maritime operators in the Port of Tacoma. The network paves the way for operators and port communities to adopt the digital technologies, such as, necessary to increase efficiencies, safety, sustainability in support of maritime living-wage jobs. is a unique and promising addition to our portfolio. We look for all stakeholders to take advantage of this new addition and are confident we can together create a center of excellence for the maritime digit al transformation”, says Joshua Berger, president and CEO of Washington Maritime Blue.

Eran Pereg, CEO at adds, "We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents for the maritime industry in the state of Washington. By combining Conbo's technological innovation with Maritime Blue's commitment to sustainability, we aim to set a new standard for excellence."

About Washington Maritime Blue

Washington Maritime Blue is a non-profit, strategic alliance formed to accelerate innovation and

sustainability in support of an inclusive blue economy. With a mission to implement Washington State’s

Strategy for the Blue Economy delivered by Governor Jay Inslee’s Maritime Innovation Advisory Council,

we are a partnership between industry, public sector, research & training institutions, and community

organizations. Maritime Blue works to create a world-class, thriving, equitable and sustainable maritime

and ocean industry through knowledge sharing, joint innovation, entrepreneurship, commercialization,

business and workforce development. Learn more at

Media Contact: Joshua Berger (, Eran Pereg (

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