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CartonCloud names Shaun Hagen as new CEO

5 Feb 2024

[CartonCloud, Vancouver. Feb 2024]

Logistics technology powerhouse CartonCloud has named current COO and Head of North America, Shaun Hagen, as CEO.

CartonCloud Founder and former CEO Mr Vincent Fletcher will transition from the CEO role to Chief Product Officer with the company, as Mr Hagen takes the CEO reigns in early February.

Hagen brings years of experience within the technology sector, ranging from start-ups to established organizations, including six years with CartonCloud.

As COO, Hagen successfully navigated CartonCloud through a recent Series A Capital Raise and led the subsequent expansion to North America, as Head of North America.

Hagen has delivered extensive growth and development within CartonCloud, achieving 13x revenue growth and 10x customer expansion in just six years.

“I am honored to be stepping into the position of CEO and working with a very talented team to deliver transformative software for logistics people,” said Shaun Hagen, CartonCloud Chief Executive Officer.

“I thank Vincent and the board for entrusting me as the next leader of CartonCloud and look forward to working with our great team to continue to bring innovative technology solutions to the logistics industry.“ CartonCloud has risen from a start-up established in the back room of a working 3PL in 2012— to the industry-leading organization it is today, and we’re well positioned to continue this growth and momentum in the coming years as we grow in North America and branch into new markets.

“We have an amazing team and an incredible product that has helped hundreds of logistics companies harness digital solutions and grow their businesses.

“CartonCloud has become an industry leader with incredible potential,” Mr Hagen said.

Fletcher founded CartonCloud after creating the software with his then-business partner Nic Comrie, as an in-house solution for their own refrigerated logistics 3PL — and has led the company as CEO to the global

success it is today.

“It’s been an incredible journey these past 11.5 years building this from an idea, to a product, to a thriving business with 60+ fantastic people. It’s been both the most emotionally challenging and rewarding experience of my life, and I’m very much looking forward to continuing the journey in my new role by continuing to lead product and assisting Shaun and the executive team in steering the ship,” Mr Fletcher said.

“I am immensely proud of what we have built over the past decade, and I am excited to see Shaun take the reigns to continue CartonCloud’s global growth.

“Shaun is very well positioned for this transition with 6 years in the business and a complete understanding of every aspect of how it functions. He brings a wealth of skills and experience to the CEO role that will continue to

see CartonCloud move from strength to strength.”

As CEO, Mr Hagen’s priority will be to continue driving CartonCloud’s growth ambitions through delivering customer-centric Warehouse and Transport management software solutions across the Americas, Australia,

New Zealand, and into new regions.

CartonCloud delivers intuitive Warehouse and Transport Management software to over 500 logistics companies across North America, Australia, and the Pacific.

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