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Cargologik–OpenTrack Partnership Offers Premium Supply Chain Visibility to Solve Real-world Problems

5 Feb 2024

This alliance underscores a shared commitment to helping supply chain stakeholders integrate, communicate, and collaborate to overcome unprecedented supply chain disruption.

MIAMI, Fla. — Cargologik, an innovator in the supply chain technology industry, today announced a strategic partnership with OpenTrack, a leader in supply chain visibility solutions. This partnership marks a significant step in Cargologik's commitment to providing comprehensive and innovative supply chain technology solutions to its users.

This collaboration enables Cargologik to connect disparate, fragmented systems and provide supply chain stakeholders with a deeper level of visibility needed to navigate the disruptions threatening to upend all sectors of the economy. It’s a solution that supply chain stakeholders need more than ever, given the unprecedented number of disruptions stemming from events such as the devastating drought in the Panama Canal region and the escalating conflict affecting freight movements through the Red Sea.

“One of our key objectives is to help our users solve real-world supply chain problems through improved communication, collaboration, and data integration. This partnership with OpenTrack provides our users with high-quality, reliable data and visibility solutions, essential for addressing these challenges,” Cargologik CEO Gabriel de Godoy said.

The partnership also aligns with Cargologik's vision of offering tailored solutions to their clients, ranging from small businesses seeking premium visibility to Fortune 100 corporations with complex supply chain needs.

OpenTrack Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Valsi said this collaboration with Cargologik supports both companies’ shared commitment to making high-end supply chain technology accessible and beneficial to all industry professionals.

"With the integration of our technology across a wide range of players, we're witnessing a tangible impact on operational efficiency and industry problem-solving," Valsi said. "Our partnership with Cargologik is a strategic step toward further enhancing this impact, ensuring that the entire supply chain benefits from our combined technological advancements."

About Cargologik

With a leadership team combining 40 years of logistics-industry experience, Cargologik is streamlining and solving the most pressing challenges BCOs and LSPs face today, directly impacting their customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and bottom line. Learn more at

About OpenTrack

OpenTrack has been designed and developed by experienced freight operators to make container tracking easier for everyone. OpenTrack combines all available ocean, terminal, rail, and drayage trucking data sources to give you the most complete and accurate information on international ocean and intermodal freight. Many of the world’s most iconic brands and logistics providers count on OpenTrack to get accurate container visibility across all modes, reduce fees, proactively identify and manage exceptions, and win new business. Contact Us - OpenTrack

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