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5 Feb 2024

Azarc® is excited to announce it has won the support of Gresham House Ventures following a significant strategic investment from the growth equity investor.

With a focus on scaling businesses, this marriage with Gresham House Ventures has come at an opportune moment for Azarc® as it begins to accelerate its growth, transforming the business process automation company as it responds to the demands of its loyal customer base.

After a successful three years of self-funding, this investment from Gresham House Ventures is intended to provide capital for the further expansion of Azarc®’s global operations.

Facilitating the company’s next year of responsible growth, the capital fronted by Gresham House Ventures will support the expansion of Azarc®’s already world-class team, facilitate the dedication of resources to nurture emerging talent in the industry and aid the evolution of the trailblazing company beyond its flagship solutions – the disruptive software Verathread® and Rune, an advanced automated customs clearance service.

David Robbins, CEO at Azarc®, said: “This is the first external investment we have secured since Azarc® came to fruition in February 2021. After more than 6 months of hard work, being able to announce our partnership with Gresham House Ventures as we truly kick off 2024 at Manifest is a very proud moment for the entire Azarc® team.

“The fact that this is the first capital we have proactively looked for and secured is a testament to what the Azarcian team has built, not only in Verathread® and Rune but in our company culture too.

“As we embark on our third year of operations, we now have the foundations and funding in place to further scale up the business in response to industry and customer demand. We are focused on growing responsibly while protecting the company values and culture that have been nurtured from day one. Growing the company in the right way is of the utmost importance to the entire senior leadership team. It’s safe to say I’ve never before been more excited to get stuck into a new year.”

Zixin Pan, Associate Director at Gresham House Ventures, said: “Azarc®, using its remarkably adaptable and scalable business automation process engine, has created a compelling application, which not only tackles challenges related to cost efficiency but also addresses the crucial aspect of traceability throughout the supply chain.

“This is particularly relevant for business owners navigating complex layers of the value chain and international borders. We are excited to partner with Azarc® on its continued growth journey and look forward to working closely with the team over the coming years.”

Azarc®. Innovate. Automate. Liberate.



Azarc® is a business process automation company created to remove the inefficiencies and frustrations in the current logistics and cross-border supply chain realm.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, as a team Azarc® strives to solve a business’s problems through its disruptive software, Verathread®, and automated cross-border supply chain solution.

Azarc® is forward-thinking and dynamic. In short – Azarc® is here to challenge the outdated, ineffective norm, exploring new ways of working in automation, to solve real, human problems. Founded in 2021, as a small start-up and garage-born business, today Azarc® works out of USA, UK, Spain, and South Africa, with a growing team that is all about collaboration, solutions, inclusion, compassion, and enjoying life.

Partners to date vary from large digital transformation companies and system integrators to software resellers that service large blue-chip customers in supply chain and logistics, aviation, healthcare, and include Mastercard, BT, and the UK Government.

For more information, imagery, or interview requests please contact:

Simon Bailie, Head of Marketing and Events

T: 07376 804 875



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