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Axle Unveils Beacon: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Platform Redefining Freight Brokerage Workflows

5 Feb 2024

LAS VEGAS, February 5 2024 - Axle, a pioneering data company specializing in core data tools for brokers and software providers, proudly announces the launch of Beacon, a groundbreaking AI- powered platform designed to transform the freight brokerage industry. Beacon streamlines the entire lifecycle of a load by automating key functions:

  • Smart Sidebar: Intelligently see load info across platforms in one place

  • Track & Trace: Automate carrier and shipper checks per SOPs

  • Smart Replies: Improve customer response times with automated replies

  • Load Building: Instantly input loads into your TMS and eliminate data entry

  • Appointment Scheduling: Intelligently see load info across platforms in one place

  • Quick Quotes: Instantly respond with rate quotes for loads

Axle, known for its commitment to providing cutting-edge data solutions, sees Beacon as a natural extension of its mission to empower businesses with advanced technologies. The launch of Beacon marks a significant milestone in Axle's journey, and the company is excited about the positive impact it will have on the freight brokerage ecosystem. "Beacon has revolutionized the way our team's freight brokers operate on a daily basis. It's bringing speed, accuracy, and ease to our work. We're excited to be on the forefront with Axle in this rapidly evolving industry."

— Cole Stevens, Chief Strategy Officer of Stevens Trucking

About Axle

Axle is a leading data company that specializes in developing core data tools for brokers and software providers in the logistics industry. Axle was founded in 2022 and backed by major investors.

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