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Market Report
What Is Shaping
PR & Marketing Budget Conversations for 2024?

Discover the future of marketing and PR in the supply chain industry:

  • Unlock Insights: Dive into expert perspectives from our latest industry survey, forecasting 2024 marketing and PR investment trends.

  • Navigate Economic Shifts: Learn how leading professionals are strategically investing in marketing technology and media to enhance brand power and fuel growth amidst economic fluctuations.

  • Embrace Digital Transformation: Explore the significant move towards digital marketing, with in-depth data on budget allocations from gross revenue for digital initiatives.

  • Forge Strategic Partnerships: Find out why top-tier supply chain players are choosing specialized external agencies to amplify their marketing efforts.

  • Adapt with Agility: Gain insights into the data-driven and adaptable budgeting approaches that are defining a new era for the supply chain industry in a digital-first economy.

Plan your future marketing and PR spends with confidence. Download our comprehensive report now and stay ahead of the curve in 2024.

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