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Workshop Your Solution
The Retail Edition

Miami, Thesis Hotel, 15th & 16th Feb 2023, 8 am to 4 pm


The best place to build your brand and business.

Workshop Your Solution is an invite-only, closed-door event, filled with an audience of your most sought-after prospects and carefully curated with multiple meaningful sessions that will deep dive into technological solutions and services, shedding light on where they fit in the market and how they are perceived.

This two-day event is designed to give you a chance to

Business meeting

Bring your A-game and your top people

to engage with your prospects 1-on-1

Give us a wishlist of businesses you want one-on-one meetings with and get one-on-one meetings with up to 10 of them on the second day of the event.

A stage set for success

The event will open with a panel discussion moderated by a key industry analyst. The panelists include buyers, journalists, and venture capitalists. They will prompt critical conversations to help you gain actionable insights and better understand:

  1. The state of the industry and where your product fits

  2. The market's and final decision makers' appetite to buy

  3. Your prospects' expectations from products and services

  4. How solutions in your vertical(s) are being viewed and used (or not used)

  5. Where you stand with respect to competitors and peers

Conference Mingling

The workshops

Once the stage is set, we'll break it down and focus on your business and solution:

  1. You will be paired with qualified prospects with confirmed buying intent to continue the conversation and build the use case for your product

  2. You will head into curated breakout sessions/workshops led by an industry analyst or journalist with 8-10 qualified to buy businesses each

  3. This is your time to shine – present your solution behind closed doors

  4. Dazzle them with a sneak peek at the backend

  5. Sweep them off their feet with exceptions that your customers have managed thanks to your brilliant solution

A tailor-made event built for the supply chain industry

Confirmed to be in attendance


Bart De Muynck

Industry Expert, Thought Leader,

Author, Public Speaker

  • LinkedIn

Cathy Morrow Roberson

Supply Chain Writer and Researcher 

  • LinkedIn

Timothy Dooner

Host & Producer,

WHAT THE TRUCK ?!?, Freightwaves

  • LinkedIn

Thomas Deakens

Director, Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Tennessee

  • LinkedIn

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