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VP Marketing,

Every sale starts with a relationship; every relationship starts with value. Find your unique value, get it to the right people, and the ROI will follow.

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Chief Marketing Officer, BlueGrace

When you find the empathy to say, “I am sorry, this isn’t for you, here is the phone number of my competitor, then we also find the freedom to do work that matters.


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Chief Marketing Officer

Instead of asking "How can I get more people to listen to me, how can I get the word out, convert more leads to sales...?" you can ask "What change do I seek to make?"


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They don't just want to make noise; they want to use marketing to solve other people's problems.




When you build a business relationship on generosity, you bring more to the table than people expect.


You create personal engagement instead of just sales figures; partners instead of customers.


Empathetic marketing is about understanding your customers’ worldview and desires, what they think about, what their fears and biases are, what they will respond to.


It’s not mass, not spam, not shameful marketing, not tricking, profit-maximizing short-term mindsets. 


People don’t want what you make. 


People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill bit, not even a quarter-inch hole.


They want the family picture on the wall once the hole is drilled. They want that warm feeling of a family home.

Do you want to use marketing to solve other people's problems?

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