How to develop USP
Unique Selling Point



There has never been a better time to start a business.  The amount of information and data that is accessible to the entrepreneur has never been greater.  However, you’re not the only one who wants to capitalize on this moment. If you have a product, it is almost certain that there is something comparable to it either already on the market or will soon be. The market place is crowded and there’s bound to be a lot of competition. Standing out from the crowd is challenging but not impossible.

Although the competition is fierce you shouldn't be just in a race to get your products to market, you should also be in a race to communicate how it creates value to your customers. You don’t want to be the first of your kind, you want to be a one of a kind.  


If you identify your core values, get your message straight and can easily say why every potential customer has to buy your product; you can eliminate the side-by-side comparison your customers would intuitively make. 


This whitepaper is to help you understand what makes your work different, how to create a unique selling point(s), and how to reach your target audience. 


It is my earnest desire to help you to become the kind of person you always knew you could be in the business and in life.

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What's your message? 
Can you say it easily?
Is it simple, relevant, and repeatable?

Can your employees repeat it in such a way that everyone understands why the organization exists? Have new hires been given meaningful and memorable talking points that they can use to describe what the company offers and why every potential customer has to buy? 

We help you get your message straight.
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