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Online Workshop

Supply Chain Unplugged
Inspiring Discussions for Strategic Growth

Get ready to tune in and turn up the volume as we bring together supply chain thought leaders, innovators, visionaries, buyers, and sellers to ignite conversations that will spark your strategic growth journey.

Video Conference

Exclusive & Engaging Talks
with Valuable Target Customers

Unleash the power of our new, closed-door roundtable format with vetted participants with confirmed buying intent.


You can trust that we carefully assess all roundtable participants to guarantee they are the perfect fit for your desired business growth. 


Transition away from conventional lead generation tactics, and anticipate an immersive and dynamic roundtable brimming with priceless knowledge and expertise, granting you an outstanding chance to cultivate meaningful connections with your prospects.


Small & Intimate Setting with Your Potential Clients

These 45-minute sessions led by our event host, who will skillfully guide the conversation, helping you delve deep into the heart of the problems your clients are looking to solve.


Within the sanctuary of our exclusive roundtable, industry luminaries come together, sparking a symphony of ideas, fostering meaningful connections, sharing invaluable expertise, and uncovering extraordinary new avenues for unprecedented business growth.

Exclusivity & Trust

Smaller roundtable discussions offer distinct advantages over big webinars for several reasons including a higher level of exclusivity, providing participants with a fantastic sense of belonging, and fostering a perfect environment to generate meaningful and valuable SQLs quickly.

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