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Unlocking the Power of Data in Logistics: Insights from Manifest

Unlocking the Power of Data in Logistics: Insights from Manifest 

Manifest 2024 recently concluded, and hosted an enlightening panel discussion, "How to Make Your Data Work for You: What You Should and Shouldn't Do," which brought together a panel of experts to explore the transformative power of data in the logistics and supply chain sectors. The discussion, expertly moderated by Priyanka Ann Saini of Charli Pesti, featured insights from Eric Johnson, Adrian Stoch, Constantine Komodromos, and Hariesh Manaadiar. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Manifest for facilitating this pivotal conversation and to the panelists for their invaluable insights.

Transforming Data into Actionable Business Insights

The dialogue was initiated by Hariesh, who underscored the essence of data transformation. He detailed how data when meticulously analyzed and interpreted, transcends its raw form to become a cornerstone for strategic decision-making within the logistics industry. This transformation underscores the critical pathway from data collection to insightful action. Read our blog for more.

The Strategic Value of Data in Enhancing Business Visibility

Constantine shared a compelling perspective on how Vesselbot leverages data not just as a business commodity but as a narrative tool. He illuminated the dual role of data in providing services and crafting stories that resonate with their audience, thereby enhancing business visibility and engagement in a competitive marketplace.

Advocating for Data-Driven Decision Making in Operations

Adrian passionately voiced the necessity of embedding data into the core of decision-making processes. He highlighted the stark gap between the potential and actual use of data in strategic planning and operational efficiency. Adrian's insights urged businesses to more rigorously integrate data analytics into their decision frameworks to foster informed and effective decision-making.

Journalistic Perspectives on Data Accuracy and Reporting

Eric brought a unique journalistic angle to the discussion, emphasizing the growing reliance on data for reporting accuracy and credibility. He stressed the importance of aligning anecdotal evidence with comprehensive data sets to ensure that reported narratives accurately reflect broader trends and realities. For more on the best practices for reporting data click here.

Prioritizing Data Quality Over Quantity

The panelists collectively highlighted the crucial importance of data quality, with Constantine specifically pointing out the pitfalls of relying on averages for decision-making. This segment of the discussion focused on the necessity of accessing primary, accurate data to make informed and strategic decisions, steering clear of the potential misguidance from averaged or low-quality data.

The Imperative of Data Trustworthiness and Transparency

Trust and transparency in data sourcing and interpretation were underscored as fundamental. Both Hariesh and Eric pointed out the need for discerning the reliability and context of data sources. This conversation underlined the critical role of trustworthiness in data, which is essential for mitigating misinformation and leveraging data effectively across logistics operations.

Exploring Revenue Generation Through Data Monetization

Adrian and Constantine delved into the realms of data monetization, discussing how data can be transformed into a revenue-generating asset. They shared strategies for leveraging proprietary data and insights for thought leadership, thereby adding value and competitive advantage to businesses in the logistics sector.

Envisioning the Future of Data Collaboration and Transparency

The panel concluded with a forward-looking discussion on the prospects of data sharing and transparency within the logistics industry. While acknowledging the challenges of achieving complete data openness, the panelists were optimistic about the increasing trend towards collaborative data-sharing platforms that could enhance industry-wide efficiency and innovation.

Concluding Reflections and Acknowledgments

The session concluded with a series of actionable insights aimed at empowering attendees to leverage data more effectively within their operations. The emphasis was on the critical evaluation of data sources, the integration of data into strategic decisions, and the exploration of data as a tool for innovation and revenue generation.

We extend our deepest thanks to Manifest for hosting such a critical discussion and to Priyanka, Eric, Adrian, Constantine, and Hariesh for their profound contributions. Their collective wisdom not only illuminated the path forward for harnessing data in logistics but also set the stage for future innovations and strategies in this rapidly evolving field.

Don't miss out on the full panel discussion! Watch the video on YouTube for in-depth insights from the esteemed panel as they delve into the transformative power of data in logistics. Click here to watch.


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