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Agillitics Unveils AgiSight Version 2024.1

5 Feb 2024

New features and capabilities drive transformative supply chain visibility and optimization

ATLANTA, February 5th, 2024- Agillitics, a leading innovator in supply chain solutions, announced the release of AgiSight Version 2024.1. This groundbreaking release introduces a suite of features designed to further push the boundaries of what’s possible with supply chain visibility and analytics with a heavy focus in workforce optimization.

“By seamlessly integrating data and analytics, AgiSight Version 2024.1 empowers our customers to streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and embrace innovation, solidifying AgiSight's position as a leading-edge platform in supply chain optimization," remarked Tim Judge, CEO, emphasizing the transformative impact of the latest update's key feature updates and additions.

Some of the Key Features of Agisight Version 2024.1:

1. New Warehouse Reporting:

Enhanced reporting capabilities around tasking optimization such as: cycle count, Put-away, picking, and shipping for comprehensive end-to-end warehouse analytics.

2. PO/ASN Visibility Improvements:

Complete end-to-end PO visibility across the entire network, providing clients with a holistic view from order placement to store fulfillment.

3. Network Scorecard:

A network-wide scorecard that evaluates labor activities, transportation activities, customer fulfillment, and supply chain planning, offering executives a one-stop shop for network performance assessment.

4. Orders Command Center:

A centralized hub for tracking order fulfillment and progress, complementing the wave command center for a seamless and comprehensive view of orders at any logistics lifecycle stage.

5. Unified Data Model (UDM) Expansion:

The UDM now includes automation and ERP data sources, offering an enriched and well-rounded view of the entire network.

"As we evolve, we are naturally just trying to capture more of the supply chain within the AgiSight environment to create a more well-rounded and holistic view of the system." Reed Stepleman, VP of Solutions, Agillitics, shares his perspective on Agisight Version 2024.1: "Agisight 2024.1, coupled with the groundbreaking AI-powered Morgan Labor Guru, marks a transformative era for companies, revolutionizing the way we perceive and optimize labor. This powerful synergy empowers organizations to visualize not just workforce dynamics but also unlock unprecedented insights into individual and collective labor performance, fostering a new dimension of efficiency, innovation, and strategic decision-making."

Existing AgiSight users will be able to add the Labor Insight Module to their platforms via an update link the company will provide. Supply chain companies who are not currently using AgiSight are urged not to miss out on this opportunity.

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About Agillitics

Founded in 2014 and based in Atlanta, Agillitics serves the supply chain/logistics industry by providing a life ring to companies drowning in complex data challenges. Through its turnkey, SaaS-based platform known as AgiSight, Agillitics makes it easier for companies to bring forth data from multiple platforms, harmonize it under a Unified Digital Supply Chain Model and deploy it to get better visibility on everything from order lifecycles and warehouse operations to the profitability of various customers and products.

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