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The Current State of Electronic Trade Document Transfer

The aim of this survey is to find answers to the hurdles executives face concerning electronic document transfer.


Help us illuminate the path to a secure, fast, and inexpensive electronic document transfer. 

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About the Survey

While electronic document transfer has been in use across the supply chain industry, the process has been blighted with security and transparency issues that have remained unsolved. Blockchain technology can provide some relief in this context, as stakeholders trust the information flowing through the network. 

In theory, blockchain-based trade document transfer can improve operational efficiency, making document transfer quicker and more secure and offering better visibility into freight. 

So, where exactly is the problem? That's where we need your help!

We have put together a survey to find answers to this predicament and locate the causes for the industry's continued disregard. We hope to understand where implementation is facing hurdles and illuminate a way forward, ensuring the promise of secure, fast, and inexpensive electronic document transfer does not end in vain. 

How this survey will help you

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